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145+ Commonly Used Abbreviations Along With Their Details

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An abbreviation is the reduced form of a word or phrase, such as alt. for altitude, a.m. for ante meridiem etc. The word abbreviation is abbreviated as abbr.–or, less commonly, abbrv or abbrev. We use those abbreviations in our daily life to save our some seconds and make the words easier.

In American English, the period is used in numerous abbreviations (Dr., Ms.). Contrary to this, in British usage of the period (or full stop) is generally omitted in abbreviations and first and last letters of the single word are used (Dr, Ms).  When an abbreviation comes at the end of a sentence, a single full stop (period) is utilized for both to mark the abbreviation and to close the sentence.

Commonly Used Abbreviations With Their Meanings:

Here I am sharing some commonly used abbreviations with their details. These abbreviations will surely increase your knowledge.

1.     A.B. Atrium Baccalaureus [Bachelor of Arts]
2.     abbr. abbreviation(s), abbreviated
3.     Acad. Academy
4. A.D. anno Domini [in the year of the Lord]
5.     alt. altitude
6. A.M. ante meridiem [before noon]; Atrium Magister [Master of Arts]
7.     AM amplitude modulation
8.     Assn. Association
9.     at. no. atomic number
10.         at. wt. atomic weight
11.         Aug. August
12.         Ave. Avenue
13.         AWOL absent without leave
14.         b. born, born in
15.         B.A. Bachelor of Arts
16.         B.C. Before Christ
17.         b.p. boiling point
18.         B.S. Bachelor of Science
19.         Btu British thermal unit(s)
20.         C Celsius (centigrade)
21. c. circa [about]
22.         cal calorie(s)
23.         Capt. Captain
24.         cent. century, centuries
25.         cm centimeter(s)
26.         co. county
27.         Col. Colonel; Colossians
28.         Comdr. Commander
29.         Corp. Corporation
30.         Cpl. Corporal
31.         cu cubic
32.         d. died, died in
33.         D.C. District of Columbia
34.         Dec. December
35.         dept. department
36.         dist. district
37.         div. division
38.         Dr. doctor
39.         E east, eastern
40.         ed. edited, edition, editor(s)
41.         est. established; estimated
42. et al. et alii [and others]
43.         F Fahrenheit
44.         Feb. February
45. fl. floruit [flourished]
46.         fl oz fluid ounce(s)
47.         FM frequency modulation
48.         ft foot, feet
49.         gal. gallon(s)
50.         Gen. General, Genesis
51.         GMT Greenwich mean time
52.         GNP gross national product
53.         GOP Grand Old Party (Republican Party)
54.         Gov. governor
55.         grad. graduated, graduated at
56.         H hour(s)
57.         Hon. the Honorable
58.         hr hour(s)
59. i.e. id est [that is]
60.         in. inch(es)
61.         inc. incorporated
62.         Inst. Institute, Institution
63.         IRA Irish Republican Army
64.         IRS Internal Revenue Service
65.         Jan. January
66.         Jr. Junior
67.         K Kelvin
68.         kg kilogram(s)
69.         km kilometer(s)
70. £ libra [pound], librae [pounds]
71.         lat. latitude
72. lb libra [pound], librae [pounds]
73.         Lib. Library
74.         Lol Lots of Laugh, Lots of Love
75.         long. longitude
76.         Lt. Lieutenant
77.         Ltd. Limited
78.         m meter(s)
79.         M minute(s)
80. M.D. Medicinae Doctor [Doctor of Medicine]
81.         mg milligram(s)
82.         mi mile(s)
83.         min minute(s)
84.         mm millimeter(s)
85.         mph miles per hour
86.         Mr. Mister (always abbreviated)
87.         Mrs. Mistress (always abbreviated)
88.         Msgr Monsignor
89.         mt. Mount, Mountain
90.         mts. mountains
91.         Mus. Museum
92.         N north; Newton(s)
93.         NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
94.         NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
95.         NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
96.         NE northeast
97.         no. number
98.         Nov. November
99.         OAS Organization of American States
100.     Oct. October
101. OMG Oh my God, Oh my goodness
102. Op. Opus [work]
103.     oz ounce(s)
104.     pl. plural
105.     pop. population
106.     pseud. pseudonym
107.     pt. part(s)
108.     pt pint(s)
109.     pub. published; publisher
110.     qt quart(s)
111.     Rev. Revelation; the Reverend
112.     rev. revised
113.     R.N. registered nurse
114.     rpm revolution(s) per minute
115.     RR railroad
116.     S south
117.     S second(s)
118.     SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
119.     SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
120.     sec second(s); secant
121.     Sept. September
122.     Ser. Series
123.     Sgt. Sergeant
124.     sq square
125.     Sr. Senior
126.     SSR Soviet Socialist Republic
127.     St. Saint; Street
128.     UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
129.     uninc. unincorporated
130.     Univ. University
131.     U.S. United States
132.     USA United States Army
133.     USAF United States Air Force
134.     USCG United States Coast Guard
135.     USMC United States Marine Corps
136.     USN United States Navy
137.     USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
138.     VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
139.     VISTA Volunteers in Service to America
140.     vol. volume(s)
141. vs. versus
142.     W west; Watt(s)
143.     WHO World Health Organization
144.     wt. weight
145.     yd yard(s)
146.     YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association
147.     YWCA Young Women’s Christian Association

These are the 147 commonly used abbreviations that you can also use in your daily life. In simple words, you can call it the short form of lengthy expressions. Like our new generation prefer to use the word “LOL” for too much laughing and its meaning is a lot of laughs. The another great example is  “Mr.” that almost everyone uses instead of “mister.”. Abbreviations are now the essential part of our lives. Do learn them and become a part of modern world.

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