Cheap Portable Generator Comparison 3KVA & 5KVA Power Output

You do need a generator if you are living in Pakistan. There are hundreds of generators available in the market with different specs and pricing. So you must need a proper guide to buy a new generator. A small mistake can waste your huge amount of money. Today, We are going to do the portable generator comparison of 3KVA & 5KVA. This comparison will help you in buying the most realistic generator for your home/business.

Portable Generator Comparison:

A generator is one of the most powerful backups for electricity. And the importance of generators rises more if you are in countries like Pakistan, where you have to face electricity load shedding. You must need to know that factors that are considered when you are going to buy a new portable electric generator for your home, business or anything else. There could be many reasons for which you want to buy a generator. After reading this portable generator comparison, You will be able to buy a right thing for the right task. Let’s get started!

3KVA Portable Generators:

Below are the few 3KVA portable generators along with their prices, features and availability in Pakistan.

1) Homage HGR-3 KVA Generator:

Right now, Homage is at its peak in Pakistan just because of their UPS, inverters and generators. Homage HGR-3 KVA is the best generator by them. With the maximum output of 3KW, it allows you to produce electricity more comfortably than it’s competitors. You can move it anywhere easily with the help of its smooth wheels and handle. This generator is specially designed for the portable used. The price of this portable generator is Rs 35,6000.


  1. 3KW maximum output.
  2. Electric starting system to start the generator more smoothly.
  3. Inverter system to stabilise the electricity voltage automatically.
  4. The fuel tank capacity of Homage HGR-3 KVA is 25 litre.
  5. Comes with a pre-installed gas kit.
  6. It consumes 1.6 litre oil per hour(Maximum).
  7. Provide the electricity of 240v maximum.

Buy it right now.

2) HGS3500 Hyundai:

Hyundai HGs3500 is yet another great portable generator which you can use for the backup of electricity load shedding. The awesome interface of this generator allows you to start it easily within few seconds. The comfortable handle and smooth wheel of Hyundai HGs3500 make it portable and you can move it anywhere you want. It will cost you about 50,000 PKR in Pakistan.


  1. Hyundai HGs3500 comes with the 2.8KW of running power.
  2. It gives you the power of 2 x 220V 30A AC socket & 1 x 12V 8.3A DC socket.
  3. Got the ability to store 15 litres of oil in its fuel tank.
  4. Can run without 8 hours without any break.
  5. It has the weight of 50 kg but a single person can move it anywhere.

Buy it right now.

3) RC3000ES – Generator – 3 KVA:

RC3000ES is one of the best portable generators available in Pakistan. It also has a pre-installed inverter system to control the voltage of electricity as per need. A gas kit is also installed on a very new RC3000ES generator. This electric battery start generator will cost you 35,000 Pakistani rupees.


  1. It has the running power of 2.8KW.
  2. RC3000ES generator can store up to 14 litre oil.
  3. The weight of this generator is 30 kg.
  4. It also comes with smooth wheels and handles.
  5. It can run up to 6 hours continuously.

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HGR-3.00KV-D HGS3500 RC3000ES
 HOMAGE GENERATOR 3  Hyundai HGs3500  RC3000ES
Engine Size 510*250*320 610*450*475 650*450*510
Rated Output 2.8 KW 2.8KW 2.7KW
Max output 3.0KW 3.oKW 2.9KW
Weight 35 KG 50 KG 30 KG
Watts 2.8 KW running power 2.8 KW running power 2.7 KW running power
Fuel Tank Size 25 litre 15 litre 16 litre
Run Time(hours) 9 Hours 8.5 Hours 7 Hours
Noise Level 73dB 76dB 71 dB
Price 35,600 50,000 35,000

5KVA Portable Generators:

If a 3KVA generator is not giving the result you need then you can try 5KVA generator. It comes with more power, so you can use it to run the wide range of appliances easily. Below is 5KVA portable generator comparison that can help you in finding the best one. Let’s start it!

1) Homage Generator HGR-5.03 KVA:

This impressive generator is 5.3 KVA and gives the maximum output of 5.0 KVA. It is specially designed to run heavy appliances like Air condition, deep freezer and refrigerator. The large fuel tank of homage generator HGR-5.03 KVA allows you to store up to 25-litre oil in it. This generator works on both Gas and Petrol. The best thing about this electricity generator is that it takes only 10 seconds to get started. This generator price in Pakistan is 63,000 PKR.


  1. It has a silent frame structure to avoid nose.
  2. Work continuously up to 9 hours without even a single break.
  3. Give the output of 5.0KW.
  4. The weight of this generator is 35 kg.
  5. It consumes up to 2.7 litres of fuel per hour.

Buy it right now.

2) Jasco J6500 5.5 KVA:

It is basically a 5.5KVA sized model but it gives you the maximum power of 5.0KVA. It can be the best choice for the complete backup of electricity for your home and office. This generator comes with a robust design, 5.0 KVA max power and 25-litre fuel tank. The smooth tyres of Jasco J6500 make it easy to move anywhere. You can run heavy things like TV, refrigerator, Air condition and Washing machine. The price of this generator is Rs 90,000 in Pakistan.


  1. The maximum output of this generator is 5.0 KVA.
  2. Comes with an auto inverter to control the voltage of electricity.
  3. The weight of Jasco J6500 is only 30 Kg.
  4. This portable generator has the ability to store up to 25 litres of fuel in its tank.
  5. Gives you the voltage of 250 volts.

Buy it right now.

3)Firman FPG8000E2 – Petrol & Gas Generator – 5KVA:

The last generator in our comparison list is Firman FPG8000E2 5KVA. This generator will give you the max power of 4.8 KW. The weight of this generator is only 30 KG but it gives the result 100 times more than its weight. You can run almost every common home application on this powerful machine. This generator price in Pakistan is Rs 78,500.


  1. This generator gives you the maximum power of 4.8 KW.
  2. The weight of this generator is 30 KG.
  3. It comes with wheels and handles to make it portable.
  4. Have the ability to control voltage automatically.
  5. It can store up to 25 litres of fuel in its tank.
  6. Gives you the voltage of 220 volts, 50Hz.

Buy it right now.


 Brand Homeage Jasco Firman
 Model 5.3 KVA J6500 FPG8000E2
 Homage Generator HGR-5 KVA  jasco j6500  Firman FPG8000E2 5KVA
Engine Size 515*250*325 760*550*725 650*450*510
Rated Output 5.3 KW 5.5KW 5.0 KW
Max output 5.0KW 5.0KW 4.8 KVAKW
Weight  35KG 30 KG 30 KG
Watt 4.8 KW running power 4.9 KW running power 5.0 KW running power
Fuel Tank Size 25 litre 25 litre 25 litre
Run Time(hours) 9 Hours 10 Hours 9 Hours
Noise Level 70dB 55dB 65dB
Price 63,000 91,500 78,500

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