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Careem vs Uber: Which Taxi Service is Better in Pakistan

Careem and Uber are the two most popular online taxi booking services in Pakistan. Before them, People used to travel in Rikshaws, buses and cheap quality taxis. But now you don’t need those poor transport services. Because the Apps like Careem and Uber allows you to book the Air conditioned and latest cars(taxi) within few seconds. Wait! the rates of those taxis are much lower than the traditional and local services. So why someone having a smartphone will travel in local rickshaws if Uber and Careem is available in the city. But Careem vs Uber: which one is better to book if both of them are available in your city? Today, I am going to compare the both services Careem vs Uber by their Apps, rates and service comparison.

Careen vs Uber:

A few years back, A Dubai-based company Careem launched their service in Pakistan. It got too much popularity within no time. Looking to the popularity of Careem taxi service, another well known and USA based company Uber decided to launch their service in Pakistan and they did it. Careem is operating in the three main cities of Pakistan Islamabad, Karachi & Lahore and they are planning to expand it to other major cities soon. While Uber is also available for the People of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad at the moment.

1. Online Apps Comparison: Careem vs Uber:

Both of the services offer their users to book a taxi through their Apps. Within few swipes of your smartphone’s screen, An air-conditioned car will be available in front of you. Let’s compare both of these apps.

Careem App:

Careem app show your most recent location and you make mark any of those locations as your favourite. In Careem app, You can sign up with your Facebook account and enable the Locations on your smartphone in order to track your location.

Searching a taxi on the Careem App is pretty simple. Your locations will appear automatically once after launching the application. From here they will show you that how much time the nearest cab will take to reach you. You can select your ride Go, GO+, Business or tezz(It is a rickshaw service launched by Careem recently) from the top of the screen. Click Ride Now at the end. The below picture shows everything.

Careem app

The Rates page of Careem app is also easy to understand. You can go to the rates page by Careem app > Menu > Settings > Rates. Then select your city from the list ( It includes all the cities from all over the world having service) and choose the ride e.g Go, GO+, Business or tezz. Now you can easily see the rates and fare of everything. The below picture says everything itself.

Careem app 1

Uber App:

Open the app and signup with your Facebook or mobile number. You will see the map with a “Where to” tab once after launching the Uber App. Click on the “where to” tab and select the “Pick up location” where a cab will come to pick you.  Now select your destination and click “Done”. Now the app will show how much time a cab will take to reach you. Just click on the “Request UBERGO” to complete the order. Take a look a below image to see it practically.


The app of Uber is not good as Careem. They don’t have Rates & fares list on their App.

2. Fare & Rate Comparision: Careem vs Uber:


City Ride Rate Waiting
 Karachi  Go  9.33 PKR per km  233 PKR per hour
 Go+  15 PKR per km  275 PKR per hour
 Business  23 PKR per km  370 PKR per hour
 Tezz  11 PKR per km  200 PKR per hour
 Lahore  Go  9.25 PKR per km  235 PKR per hour
 Go+  11 PKR per km  360 PKR per hour
 Business  11 PKR per km  360 PKR per hour
 Tezz  11 PKR per km  200 PKR per hour
 Islamabad  Go  12 PKR per km  300 PKR per hour
 Go+  17 PKR per km  330 PKR per hour
 Business  23 PKR per km  370 PKR per hour
 Tezz  Not available Not available


City Car Rate Waiting
 Karachi uberAuto  3 PKR per km/35 PKR base  1 PKR per minute
uberGo  5.59 PKR per km/50 PKR base 2.5 PKR per minute
uberX  8.7 PKR per km.110 PKR base  2.5 PKR per minute
 Lahore  uberAuto  4 PKR per km/45 PKR base 1 PKR per minute
 uberGo  5.59 PKR per km/80 PKR base  2.5 PKR per minute
uberX  8.7 PKR per km/110 PKR base  3.15 PKR per minute
 Islamabad  uberAuto  Not available  Not available
 uberGo  3 PKR per km/50 base  1.6 PKR per minute
uberX  Not available  Not available

The winner is Uber. It is clear that Uber is 10 times more better then Careem in terms of fare and rates.

3. Customer service: Careem vs Uber:

Both companies are doing their best to give the best customer service to their clients. Recently, Careem closed their phone service for complaints but now they started it again. You can not only call their customer support centre but also mail them directly from the App. But to submit your complaint or something else in Careem, It requires a detailed email with booking ID and many other things.

Uber don’t have call and mailing option in their App. If you want to submit a complaint or any other help, just open your Uber app, go to the history, select the ride and press “Need Help”. The Facebook team of Uber is also Hell active. They almost reply to every single comment on their page with a brief guide to that problem.

Now you can decide that which service is best in customer support. Careem or Uber?

4. Availability:

In the case of availability, Careem is much better as compared to Uber. Uber has less number of vehicles and drivers, so they don’t offer their service to everyone or it will take too much time to get your taxi. Even sometime, you’ll keep waiting for the cab and the cab won’t come.

While you are not gonna face these types of problems in Careem. As Careem is pretty old now in Pakistan so they have more vehicles and drivers as compared to Uber. Normally, you can get the cab anytime in Careem. But wait! According to a report, recently Careem lost his 30% of customers due to unavailability of captions.

5. Public Opinion: Careem vs Uber:

Above was comparison is Careem vs Uber based on their fares, services and Applications quality, But what public think about them. What most of the ladies think is that Careem is better service as compared to Uber. Because the captions(drivers) are well-trained, good in behaviour and provide better service. But taking the reviews on those ladies on the side, recently few harassment cases are reported in Careem too.

Most of the Men thinks that Uber is a better service because their rates are much lower than the opponent service. Few of them thinks same as those ladies. Most of the comments we saw about Uber was positive. While some people complain about late cab arriving and bad attitude of Rickshaw drivers.

As per my experience, Both of the companies are doing their best. Careem is best is some cases while Uber is also good in few matters. Now it’s up to you which one you like and which one you choose.

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