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I keep talking about the latest features that are facilitating us in our daily lives. Biometrics is one of those. It is playing a major role in preventing the world for terrorism and other crimes. In past few years, the smartphones got a dedicated and record level updates. In this time period, I got addicted to some biometric devices and useful Apps.

The methodology of those biometric devices and mobile Apps are not really magical. You can find/get them easily and use in your businesses to avoid frauds.

Usually, I don’t share the things with people that I love. But I also can’t stop my self from sharing it with you guys. My goal here is to share the most useful biometric devices and Apps that you can install on your smartphone.

What is Biometrics?

But what biometrics actually is? This combination of two words means “life” and “measure”. The technology can be used to measure any person in the world through his/her DNA, retina, voice waves, fingerprints, hand geometry and signatures.

I know most of you are well aware of biometrics and know the basic uses of it so I’m not going into the details. Now getting back to the main title of this article, below are the best biometric devices that you should buy right now.

Best Biometric Devices:

1: ANVIZ Ultra Match S1000 Retina IRIS Access Control:

biometric devices

It is three colours LED device which use the pattern of your eyes to verify you during the scanning process. What you need to do is place you eyes in front of this biometric device from a proper distance. The main benefit of using ANVIZ Ultra Match S1000 is that it can verify a person in less than a second.

Lighting doesn’t matter for ANVIZ Ultra Match S1000. It can work in any light condition from bright to complete darkness. It also has the capability to scan any eye colour. Even if you are wearing eye glasses, It will still scan you. ANVIZ Ultra Match S1000 device is fully comfortable and best for the high-level security. The device will cost you 340,000 PKR.

Buy it right now.

2: ZKTECO TX628 attendance machine:

ZKTECO TX628 attendance machine

Say no to the traditional ways of attendance. ZKTECO is introducing you a brand new way to take attendance. ZKTECO TX628 attendance machine is one of the best fingerprint readers of all the times. Using the advanced algorithm with perfect reliability, the matching speed of this attendance taking machine is super fast. It is one of the fastest commercial biometric devices. ZKTECO TX628 attendance machine is not only best for attendance but it can also display the more information about the person. This one is not really expensive and will cost you only Rs 11,700.

Buy it right now.

3: SOCA SL100 Electric Lock:

SOCA SL100 Electric Lock


The best biometric door lock for you which operates on the power supply of 12v DC. It is one of the cheapest and best biometric devices for personal use. Having the enough power to lock the door, the operation current it requires is only 900 mA. SOCA SL100 Electric Lock can lock and open the door between 1 to 9 seconds depending on the power. The device is designed in delayed egress control point. The price of this device in only 8000 PKR.

Buy it right now.

4: ANVIZ C5 (Fingerprint+RFID) Biometric & Access Control:


Yet another best fingerprint and RFID device is ANIVZ C5 which comes with high-quality TFT display and HD graphic interface. It has a waterproof and dust-proof sensor, so it can easily work in any conditions without creating problems. You can customize its attendance status for 16 different times. ANVIZ C5 is capable of displaying 16 digits user ID and name. Even you can set a public message which will display once after someone wants to verify through it. It can also be used to direct lock and open the doors. It will cost you Rs 33,000.

Buy it right now.

5: LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner:

LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner

It is a scanner recognition mouse and now available in Pakistan too. It is perfect for OCR editing, real-time sharing and free size scan. Scanning is not easy even impossible with simple cheap mouses. But using LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner makes it something more than easy for you. what you need to do is just click the scan button and swipe the mouse over the file that you want to scan. LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner has a 1,200 DPI laser sensor and it will cost you 12,900 in Pakistan.

Buy it right now.

Best Biometric Apps for Your Smartphone:

Before going into details, let me tell you something. You may need a fingerprint/biometric supported phone to use these apps.

1: Secure BRaVe Application:

Secure BRaVe Application

A bit expensive but still the best Android app for biometric identification. You don’t need any expensive biometric devices once after purchasing Secure BRaVe Application for Android. It provides a biometric identification service through fingerprint, irises and face recognization. This app can be the best solution for police, school attendance and much more. You can create a local and onboard data storage in this app with the data of thousands of people. Then you can use it for verification and identification through these records. The demo version of Secure BRaVe Application is available on play store but it doesn’t have all the features of the premium version. The actual price of Secure BRaVe Application for Android is $409.

Buy/download it right now.

2: FeetPort Biometric Attendance:

FeetPort Biometric Attendance

Now you can take the attendance of your school, office or someplace else with the help of FeetPort Biometric Attendance apps without purchasing any specific biometric devices. It is not easy to mark the attendance through a paper and people can make you fool in it. Using FeetPort Biometric Attendance for Android is making it easy for you. It allows you to take the attendance of more than 100 people every day on your phone. The best thing to share about this app is that it doesn’t eat your smartphone battery too much.

What you need to do in FeetPort Biometric Attendance app is just download it, buy the licences from them, register all of your students or employees in it and start taking their attendance through the fingerprint.

Download it right now.

3: ERGO:


Worrying about the security of your Android device? Don’t worry anymore because ERGO app is here with the unique security feature. It is a biometric app which allows its users to unlock the smartphone by pressing it to the ear. It is 100% reliable just like the fingerprint feature of smartphones without any security risk. What you have to do is tap your ear in the middle of your smartphone’s screen and your phone will be unlocked. Remember! only your ear can unlock the phone, nobody else. It is available for Android OS v4.1+.

Get the app now.

4: FingerQ Chat:

FingerQ Chat

FingerQ chat, a biometric app for Android is presenting a brand new way to secure your communications and conversations. Using the biometric authentications of FIngerQ Chat app you can manage your family & friends cycle, internet messages, send encrypted data and sharing photos. The app allows you to complete all of those tasks through fingerprint, Iris and faces recognization. The app is available for free and comfortable with all the Android devices having fingerprint sensors.

Download it right now.

 5: ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner:

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner

If your smartphone has the fingerprint sensor than ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app is best for you. The app can lock and unlock your smartphone 10 times more securely as compare to smartphone’s built-in apps. It allows the users to take the picture of their finger using the biometrics of camera, record and then use the same recorded finger to unlock the device. However, the templates of fingerprints in this app are not transmitted to any entity. They store everything in the storage area of your smartphone. So ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app for Android is completely secure to use.

Download it right now.

Security comes first. Using the low-quality security methods can be break easily. Biometric is the only method till now which can’t be break. So I’ll suggest you implement biometrics devices in your offices & other places not only for the purpose of security but also keep an eye on your employees.

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  • In my office have ZKTECO attendance machine. Which is helpful in automation attendance of the employees and can help in tracking the IN and OUT time of employees.

    I recommend this useful machine to track each employee’s record.

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