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Best PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan to Receive Payments

PayPal is one of the most reliable platforms which allow people to make transactions from all over the world. It provides a free online payment processing services. The sender and receiver only need to have a valid PayPal account for money transaction through PayPal. That’s why millions of people from all over the world prefer this fast and tension free online money transfer service. However, PayPal still has certain issues and it doesn’t provide their services in Pakistan. So most of us are always searching for the best PayPal alternatives in Pakistan to receive money.

PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan:

PayPal is the most established and one of the oldest online payment systems. But it is not available in developing countries like Pakistan. You can say that it is one of its main failures as so many companies outsource their workers from these countries. That’s why the people/companies who want to send payments/funds to Pakistan always looks for some best PayPal alternatives in Pakistan. Today, I will be telling you about the best PayPal alternatives in Pakistan that you can use to receive your money from all over the world. Before going forward, let’s have a look on some obvious cheats of PayPal.

  1. Occasionally, PayPal can seize your payment and puts it under evaluation without any appropriate reason.
  2. The transaction fee of PayPal is higher than many payment systems.
  3. PayPal does not support some of the developing countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh and Afghanistan etc.

PayPal suspended a lot of accounts without having any major issues. Due to this, many PayPal users are trying to find some alternatives. Here we are discussing top 5 payment services which support aforesaid developing countries and can be used as a PayPal alternative for online money transaction.


1) Skrill:


Skrill, previously known as MoneyBookers, is one of the best Paypal alternatives in Pakistan. It is a German based Money transfer service that opens your account in a German Bank. Skrill users can send money to an e-mail ID of another Skrill user. The receiver can withdraw this money through credit card, debit card, or bank account. A faster way of withdrawal makes the Skrill more distinguished and popular. Further the transaction fee of Skrill is low as compared to PayPal or any other online payment services. Skrill has spread his service around the global.


  • Skrill Supports more than 200 countries and 40 different currencies.
  • You can purchase goods through Skrill Prepaid MasterCard in daily life.
  • The security level of Skrill is at its top.
  • Widely accepted.
  • Comparatively Low transaction fees

Skrill has a low commission plan for its users and gets 1% as commission on the money sent that means if you send 100 Euros, 01 Euro will be charged as commission. An interesting thing to know is that Skrill has fixed his commission maximum to 10 Euros. If you are using SWIFT Transfer method to transfer your money from a bank to Skrill, it is almost free.

Visit their website

2) Payza:


Payza is also one of the best Paypal alternatives for Pakistani users and those from developing countries where there is PayPal service not available. Organizations, companies and freelancers from all over the world use Payza to send and receive payments. Payza offers a very low transaction charges i.e. just $0.25 which helps its users to get large payments with a low cut. As compared to other alternatives, it is very easy to get a Payza account. Some personal details, phone number and address are sufficient. Nevertheless, Payza account verification can be made very easily by providing the image of your personal document or that of a utility bill. This verification process may take some time. Once your Payza account is verified, you can open compound payment options and get a Card as well.


  • A Very low fee as compared to others.
  • It has support for up to 21 currencies from all over the world.
  • Easy verification process.

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3) Selz:


Selz is another user-friendly choice that is best for freelancers, bloggers and especially for those who are running the e-commerce business. A lot of professionals, bloggers are using this service from all over the globe. If you have a WordPress site or Blog and want to use Selz, just install Selz WordPress plugin. Selz is also a good payment option as compared to PayPal and any other well-known payment methods. You can transfer your payments to your PayPal account or a bank account. It is the best Paypal alternative for those who are in the e-commerce business. 


  • Selz is an Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports more than 190 currencies
  • Selz Suits best for digital downloads

The commission charges of Selz are comparatively high and you will be charged a commission of 5% for each transaction.

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4) Google Wallet:

google wallet

Another popular online payment service and one of the best Paypal alternatives is the Google Wallet offered by Google which helps in online purchases through Smartphone. Google Wallet users are mainly US bank account holders. This online payment service is currently available in about 160 countries all over the world. Google Wallet account can also be set up without any charges fro sending and receiving the money.


  • Allow you to send money to email and phone numbers.
  • Make online purchasing through it.
  • No sending and receiving fee or commission.

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5) Payoneer:


Payoneer is the best pick for the freelancers and associate marketers who receive money from other countries. It is the best alternative of PayPal to transfer the payments round world. Irrespective of the country of origin, Payoneer offers $25 incentive to all its new users. Payoneer users can withdraw their money by their Payoneer MasterCard from ATM machines anywhere across the globe.


  • You can earn money by referring your friends to Payoneer.
  • Its MasterCard almost works all over the world.
  • You can also transfer money to your bank account directly.

Payoneer will cost you $30 annually for per account and $3 for each time when you withdraw money from ATM.

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Say buy to the PayPal, These are the 5 best Paypal alternatives in Pakistan that you can use to receive money from all over the world.

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