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Top 5 Best Online Pie Chart Maker/Generators for Professionals

Do you know how to create a bar chart or pie chart? We must need to create charts in many situations like for school project, office, your blog or anything else. Charts are the best way to show reports or anything to your audience. In Microsofts Exel, you can create pie charts, bar charts and any other types of a chart but first you need to download this software on your PC. More on that you must need a bit expertise in Microsoft office and Excel to create beautiful charts. If you are one of those who needs to create charts for any project but doesn’t know how to do it, then this article is right for you. I decided to share the best online pie chart maker and pie chart generators with you today.

Best Online Pie Chart Maker Websites:

There is a bunch of websites which allows you to create beautiful and professional pie charts online. Human understand pictures easily, so experts from every field now using the Charts to highlight their vision. Below are the Five best online Pie chart maker and Pie chart generators websites that you can use for free to create professional charts.

1) Google Charts:

A bit complicated and difficult but Google charts is also a good online pie chart generator. It allows you to create diagrams, graphs and professional charts online for free. Do try it if you are looking for the best and professional looking sheets. You can configure the chart in Google charts to make it perfect for your website.

How to use Google charts:

  1. Go to the Google charts and click on Quick Start button.
  2. A new Window will appear with a ready made pie chart with HTML code.
  3. You can copy that HTML code and paste it in your website.
  4. You can change the data in the chart, you can edit the text in HTML.


I am using it from past six months, and I personally love it. In Amcharts, you can easily create the different type of simple and stylish charts. You must need to create an account on this website to download your chart. 9 different charts are available on this pie chart maker website that you can edit and download for free. You can also customize the colour and style of any chart that you want to make. This pie chart maker allows you to create a column chart, bar chart, line chart, Area chart, Pie chart, XY/scatter chart and many other types of charts. Even you can create 3d charts and embed it directly in your website without download image.

How to use AmCharts online chart maker:

1. First of all, Go to their website, Click on the sign in button and sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account.

2. Now click on the “Make Chart” button and choose the Pie & Donut chart then click the Pie or 3d pie whatever you want to make.

3. Here you can input the data which you want to include in your chart. You can add the columns to your chart, enter data, change text size and style, background colours and chart colours from here.

4. After creating the chart, click on the Save button and then click the Publish&share. From here you can share, embed or download your chart.

3) Online chart tool:

The second most recommended online pie chart maker and pie chart generator I would love to share with you is online chart tool. It needs a bit more work to create a chart on this tools as compare to the above one. But the result it gives you is also great. You can create 12 different types of charts using online chart tools such as Pie, Rader, XY, Area, Line, Bar, Bubble and meter. In this online chart maker tools, you can choose a different colour for the every single thing in the chart. After creating the chart, you can save it in JPEG, SVG, PNG and PDF.

How to use online chart tools:

1. First, open their website and click on the Pie chart button from the bottom of the screen.

2. Now scroll down the screen and choose the settings for your chart such as background colour, rotation, appearance, legend position and tilt angle. Click the “Next” button now.

3. Now enter your data which will appear on your chart. You can select the different colour for every column here. Click the Next button after finishing the data.

online chart tool 02

4. Choose the text setting from here like font size, font colour and font style. Click the next button again.

online chart tool 2

5. You can download your chart from here in any format now. That’s it!

online chart tool 3

4) Meta-Chart:

This online pie chart generator is one of the best tools to create a normal and 3d chart. They also 12 different types of charts including pie chart, bar chart, Venn chart, Histogram, Multiple bar chart, Spline chart, Area chart, Line chart and Tally chart. You can also change the background and barber colours of your chart in Meta-chart. This tool is completely free and the only thing you have to do is visit their website, choose the style & type, create chart and download.

How to use the Meta-chart:

1. Go to their website and Choose your chart colour. Go to the next page by clicking on the “Data” tab.


2. Enter your data here like the number of slices(columns), details & units in every column etc. Now click on the label tab.

meta-chart 1

3. Enter your Chart description here. You can also change the text size, colour and style from here.

meta-chart 2

4. Click on the display button now and download your chart easily.

5) Canva:

Coming with a lot of different types of charts and features, Canva is the another online pie chart generator tool of your list. This pie chart generator includes Mind maps, Bar chart, organization charts, Pie charts, three circles Venn diagrams, five circle Venn diagrams and much more. Creating charts in Canva is a bit tricky as compare to the above 3 pie chart maker tools and it needs some extra configuration. Conva us used by over 10 million internet users till now.

How to use Conva:

1. Go to their website. Select the Pie chart from the top menu’s Feature tab and click on the Start designing button.


2. A new window will appear now. Load the Pie chart from the library. Now you can edit anything easily in that chart like change data, colours and text.

canva 02

3. Click the download button and select the format(PDF, PNG, JPG) in which you want to download it. That’s it!

canva 03

There are hundreds of more pie chart maker tools and generators available on the web but the above tools are free and best for you as I am using them for a long time. Do give them a try if you are looking to create the beautiful and professional looking charts for your projects.

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