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Best 3G Packages For All Available Networks in Pakistan

After the launch of 3G Internet in Pakistan we’ve seen the massive increase in data usage and internet users. Every day, I see many people asking me that, do you know any good Ufone 3G packages, Zong 3G packages, Jazz 3G packages, Warid 3G packages or Telenor 3G packages? Meanwhile every smartphone user in Pakistan is looking for best 3G packages. Companies are always focusing much more on providing cheap and fast working 3G internet to the users.

In 2o14, All the Telecom companies of Pakistan raised their internet speed from 9.5kbps(2g) to 2Mbps. That allowing the users to use the fastest internet of all time. There a lot of internet packages and offers are available on every network. Like daily packages, weekly packages, monthly packages etc. So it is very hard for users to use the best 3G package between 5 networks. That’s why today we are going to tell you about all available 3G packages in Pakistan briefly. And I am sure it will help you a lot in choosing best 3g packages for your mobile internet.

Zong 3G packages:

zong 3g packages

Zong is the biggest 3G/4G network of Pakistan offering best packages at low rates. It is the best alternative to PTCL broadband network. It offers 2G/3G/4G internet but there are no speed specific packages. Once you activate any package that will work with every supported speed. If your smartphone is 2G supported only then it will collaborate with the speed of 2G(15kbps). If it is 3G supported then it will provide the speed at rate of 3G(15mbps).

Zong 3G is almost covering the 80% of cities in Pakistan. Its Packages are divided into three categories. Such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly bundles. Through these packages you can enjoy the fastest internet of all time. Zong 3G packages are cheap in rates too just because of high competition.

Below are the complete details of Zong 3G Packages.

Daily packages:

In Zong 3G packages, Let’s start with daily offers. With everyday packages company is offering daily Mini, basic, premium and good night offers. Below is the list of daily Zong 3G packages

Packages Data Rates(Rs) Timing Subscribe





20 MB

100 MB

200 MB

1 GB

1 GB






24 hours

24 hours

1 day

4 am to 4 pm

1 am to 9 pm

Dial *6464# to

Subscribe any

Daily package

Weekly Zong 3G Packages:

Zong is offering two packages in Weekly program. One is Weekly Premium and the second one is Super Weekly Offer. Below is the list of weekly Zong 3G packages

Packages Data Rates(Rs) Subscribe
Weekly 700 Mb

2 Gb



Dial *6464#

For Both

Monthly Zong 3G packages:

There are six different offers available in Monthly Zong 3G packages. Monthly packages in Zong 3G are bit expensive but they are offering a wide verity of offers to the users.

Below is the list of monthly Zong 3G Packages.

Package Data Rates(Rs) Timing Subscribe
Monthly Mini 150 Mb Rs 50+tax 1 month *6464#
Monthly Basic 500 Mb Rs 150+tax 1 month *6464#
Monthly Premium 2 Gb Rs 300+tax 1 month *6464#
Monthly Premium 6 Gb+ 1 GB every night Rs 600+tax 1 month *6464#
Premium Plus 10 Gb Rs 1800+tax 1 month *6464#
Premium Plus 20 Gb Rs 3500+tax 1 month *6464#

Social Media Packs:

There are four different social media packages are available in Zong 3G packages. Check them below.

Package Data Rates(RS) Timing Subscribe
Social Pack daily 100 Mb Rs 10+tax 24 hours Dial *6464#
Facebook daily 50 Mb Rs 5+tax 24 hours Dial *6464#
Whatsapp daily 30 Mb Rs 3+tax 24 hours Dial *6464#
Twitter daily 20 Mb Rs 2+tax 24 hours Dial *6464#

More Zong 3G Packages:

Package Data Rate(Rs) Timing Subscribe
Daily 40 Mb Rs 20+tax 1 Day *6464#
Weekly 350 Mb Rs 130+tax 7 Days         “
Monthly 700 Mb Rs 350+tax 30 Days         “
Monthly I 1500 Mb Rs 500+tax 30 Days         “
Monthly II 2 Gb Rs 599+tax 30 Days         “
Monthly III 4 Gb Rs 799+tax 30 Days         “

UnSubscribe Zong 3G Packages:

Just dial *6464# from your phone to unsubscribe any of Zong 3G packages.

Check remaining data:

Dial *102# from your smartphone to check remaining data of your Zong 3G packages.

Ufone 3g Packages:

ufone 3g packages

Ufone also claims to be the largest 3G network in Pakistan and they are having a huge amount of 3G packages for users. Ufone 3G packages are not too expensive as compared to Zong 3G packages but the speed they are providing is a bit slow than Zong. Overall, the Ufone 3G packages are pretty impressive in the term of rates. In Ufone 3G packages there are not only daily, weekly, monthly offer but you can subscribe 3 days offer too. Ufone 3G packages are almost available in every city of Pakistan.

Ufone 3G packages are divided into four main categories e.g daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly packages. Let take a look at them.

Daily Ufone 3g packages:

There are fours different offer available in daily Ufone 3G packages and they all are less expensive as compared to daily Zong 3g packages. So you can choose the desired daily internet offer according to your budget. Below are the Ufone 3g packages.

Packages data Rates(Rs) Timing Subscribe UnSubscribe
Daily light bucket 40 Mb 10+tax 24 hours *804# Unsub to 8804
daily heavy budget 75 Mb 05+tax 24 hours *8042# *4804#
Special Daily budget 50 Mb 15+tax 1am to 9pm *810# Unsub to 7810
Mega internet budget 1 Gb 99+tax 1am to 6am *550# *5501#

By subscribing any of Daily Ufone 3G packages. You’ll Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line for FREE.

3 days Ufone 3g packages:

Ufone is offering one “3 days internet package” too. Details of 3 days Ufone 3G package are listed below.

Packages data Rates(Rs) Timing Subscribe UnSubscribe
3-day Bucket 100 Mb Rs 25+tax 3 days *3350# By calling helpline

Weekly Ufone 3g packages:

The company is offering two different bundles in weekly package. Check below weekly package.

Package Data Rates(Rs) Timing Subscribe
Weekly Light bucket 250 Mb Rs 50+tax 7 days *7811#
Weekly heavy bucket 500 Mb Rs 125+tax 7 days *7815#
There are no short methods to unsubscribe Weekly Ufone 3G packages. If you want to unsubscribe it then call on Ufone helpline.

Monthly Ufone 3g packages:

There are three different offers available in Monthly Ufone 3G packages.

Package Data Rates(Rs) Timing Subscribe
Monthly 1GB Bucket 1 Gb RS 250+tax 30 days *7807#
Monthly 3GB Bucket 3 Gb RS 500+tax 30 days *803#
Monthly 10GB Bucket 10 Gb RS 1000+tax 30 days *5100#

Social Bundles:

Check below Social media(Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp) package.

Package Rate(Rs) Timing Subscribe Unsubscribe
Social Daily Bucket RS 5+tax 24 hours *4242# UNSUB to 5444
Social Monthly Bucket Rs 50+tax 1 Month *5858# Call on Helpline

You can dial *3# from your phone to subscribe any of Ufone best 3G Packages.

Jazz 3G Packages:


Jazz is also providing best 3G packages in Pakistan. According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), Jazz is the fastest 3G network in Pakistan. Jazz 3G packages are better than other companies that are offering many bundles. Jazz 3G is not covering all the areas of Pakistan but working awesome in those areas where it is covering. Jazz 3G packages are divided into four groups; Daily bundle, 3-days bundle, weekly bundles, and Monthly bundles. Currently, there are over 50 Million users of Mobilink Jazz, and the numbers of users are increasing every day just because of their best services. I am going to explore all of the Jazz 3G packages that you can subscribe below.

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