An Ultimate Guide of Using Google Assistant Tool

iOS Siri is one of the most useful and interesting features you can use on Apple devices. Recently, Android has also introduced something similar to Siri named Google Assistant. I’m sure that most of you guys have already downloaded it on your smartphones. If not, download it right now before going ahead.

You may be thinking that Google Assistant app is an ordinary app that has nothing to do with you. But in reality, this app is the extraordinary. All you need to do is give it a try and use it.

Google Assistant Tool:

One thing that I want to share here is that Google Assistant tools are entirely different from other Google’s tools like Voice Commands, Google Now, and Now on Tap.

Initially, Google Assistant tool was only relegated to Google built devices, I mean the devices owned by Google itself. But now they have released it for every Android device.

google assistant app

Android is keep introducing new functionalities to beat their opponents like I’ve shared the few tips that can make your Android device more useful. Google Assistant tool is more comfortable only with Android 7.0 Nougat(check the Android Nougat 7.0 developers preview here) but you can also use it on your Lollipop devices.

The main reason I’m writing this article is to teach you that how Google Assistant Tool can help you change your smartphone’s lifestyle. I would suggest you update your smartphone to Android 6.0 Marshmallow to enjoy the real-time features. Moreover, I also write a guide how to update Android OS for those who really don’t know to do it.

1) Unlock Your Device With Google Assistant Tool:

It is also annoying(for me) when it asks for PIN, or fingerprint every single time when I want to unlock my phone. And I do need to set up the lock on my phone because of security issue. But now thanks to the great Google Assistant tool which is allowing me to unlock my smartphone through a voice command.

Go to your Google Assistant app settings, select OK Google Detection, record your voice and that’s it!. Moreover, you can check these 15 Android launchers to customize the lock screen of your Android and enjoy more with Google Assitant features.

2) Toggle your Quick Settings:

This one is really cool! One of the main powers Google Assistant app got is words detection even if your phone is locked just like the Siri. Using the word detection feature of this app, you can easily open any app, gallery, phone setting or anything you smartphone contains. Say “Please turn off my data connection” and it will follow your instructions.

Even if you want to share data from your Android to iOS, It will open the desired app for you like SHAREit or any other app you want.

3) Google image search:

Want to search images on Google but can’t write because it’s winter and your hands are too cold. No problem, just order your Google Assistant whatever you want to search and it will do it automatically without taking a minute.

4) Suggest Places:

So the summer vacations are coming soon and you haven’t finalized any spot yet to spend your vacations. Well, this mind-blowing tool can be your travel assistant too. Just open your Google Assistant tool and share your problem, this tools will give you 100s of suggestions in no time to spend your holidays.

5) Send WhatsApp Messages:

Amazing! I used to hate writing text message before the invention of Google Assistant tool app. Now, I prefer sending WhatsApp messages instead of making calls. Why? because Google Assistant app is there to write messages for me. What I do is just tell this app that I want to send a WhatsApp message and then it writes it for me.

I’m using WhatsApp just as a title here, you can send messages through an app using the help of Google Assistant app. If you think that having too many apps in a smartphone is annoying then you can give a try to All in One Messenger which keeps all of your communication apps in one place.

6) It Read You All the News:

I love this feature, it read all the latest news for me every morning. Now I don’t need to turn on my TV or news website that watch the news. What I do is just open my Google Assistant App and request him to read all the latest news from Google for me.

7) Browse the Web for You:

Looking for the best websites to watch movies online? Ask Google Assistant and It will browse all of your favorite movies and shows for you. I recently watched the amazing MacGyver and Murder show through it. If you want to browse anything on the web, just ask this app and it will fulfill your dream immediately.

8) Search through your pictures:

If you are having thousands of pictures in your gallery but want to find a specific old one then what to do? The algorithm of Google photos is very smart. It automatically divides all of those pictures into different categories at the backend. Using the Google Assistant tool commands, You can easily find the specific pictures by sharing small details.

Google Assistant tool is very smart, you can even use it to find the better taxi service between Uber & Careem, and so on. Here, I’m sharing a secret with you. You can also change the voice of your Google assistant from man to female or vice versa.

If you know any tip & trick about Google Assistant tool, then you are free to share it here in the comment section below.

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