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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is getting too much attention from past few years. Because it is giving efficient benefits to the businesses. Almost every third company is shifting to the Cloud computing technology. Companies used to store their data & information on local hard drives before the invention of cloud storage. The cloud computer is less expensive, more secure and the best way to analyze and store data/programs. Today, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing:

Before going ahead, you need to know that what cloud computing actually is. Cloud computing is basically an online service, that you can use to store and access your data online instead of using your PC’s hard drive. Or you can say that it is a service that store, maintain, backup and managed your data.

Why You Choose Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is more easy to use and secure as compared to the hard drive of your PC. Why you should choose the cloud computing because when you save files on it, then you can access them from anywhere around the world through internet. While in PC’s hard drive you have to do everything thing physically and you must need to have that hard drive to access the data. Expert things that the cloud computing is going grow and develop more than ever in upcoming few years. Now lets have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

There are countless advantages of cloud computing. Below are the few main advantages of cloud computing that can change your entire experience.

1) More storage capacity:

One of the main advantages of cloud computing is that it gives to more storage capacity even unlimited storage as compared to computer hard drive. You can increase your storage capacity anytime by ordering your service provider company.

2) Cost Efficiency:

Cloud computing gives you the more storage & features and costs you less. Traditional PC’s hard drives cost ten times more than the cloud computing services. It is available in cheap rates for every businesses and company. Generally, Cloud storage provider cost Rs 3 for per GB to store data(That is incredible).

3) Always available and reliable:

Cloud computing is hundred times more reliable than traditional methods of storing data. You can order it anytime, anywhere, 24/7 whenever you need it. More on that, You can switch to any other cloud computing company within minutes. You don’t need to do anything physically. Is it not the best feature of cloud computing?.

4) Easy to set up:

The cloud computing is easy to use and provide simple methods to maintain, access and set up your data and account. You can enjoy and use the simple and user-friendly interface of cloud computing. It allows you to access and manage your data from anywhere through the internet once after signing up.

5) Backup and Recovery:

The best and most useful advantage of clouding computing is that it creates automatically backup of your data and recover the lost data. The recovery method of cloud storage is more easy and efficient than the physical devices. You don’t need to take worry about losing your data once after storing it in the cloud storage.

6) Scalability and Performance:

Cloud computing services provide the best performance than any of traditional file storing methods. It does most of the things automatically and you need to store the data only. You don’t need any physical thing like hard drive or USB. The performance speed of cloud computing is 20 times faster than any of other ways. It scales everything on your demand to support fluctuating workloads.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing:

I see many people talks about the benefits of cloud computing only. But taking these advantages on a side. There are also some disadvantages of cloud Computing. These disadvantages of cloud Computing are listed below.

 1) Security and Privacy High Cost:

Cloud computing services provide the best privacy and secure your data but they will cost you more for it. More on that, If you store something on cloud storage, it mean you are giving its access to the company. You can set up the privacy for your data but it will cost you too much. So choose the most reliable and trusted company for the cloud computing.

2) Limited control and Flexibility:

The cloud storage providing companies don’t give you the complete control on your account. Because it is a service that is owned and control by someone/company who is providing that service. So they transfer a limited control to the customer. You can only access, save, manage your data and do things on front-ends but can’t do anything on the back-end.

3) Increased Vulnerability:

Using a untrusted cloud computing service can put your data in Vulnerability. Mean if someone got an access to your private data, that can damage your business. Here I will say again that do a complete research about the service before choosing it for your data.

4) Prone to Attack:

Hackers can also attack your account to steal the data from you. If you are using the internet on regular basis then you should know that nothing is safe on the internet. Hackers can attack and hack anything if the security is not tight. First, check the security condition of the platform where you want to store your data.

5) Bandwidth Issues:

You may face some bandwidth issues in the cloud computing. The service providing company cam charge you extra for the more bandwidth allowance. Some companies provide unlimited bandwidth while some companies provide limited bandwidth. Pick the companies that provide unlimited bandwidth because it is must for the ideal performance.

Bonus Section: Top 10 Cloud Service Providers:

Above are some advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. Now I am listing the best cloud service providers of all times as a bonus section for you. These cloud service providers are 100% trusted, secure and used by million of peoples.

  1. Amazon Web Services.
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. IDM.
  4. Google Cloud Platform.
  6. Adobe Cloud storage.
  7. Oracle Cloud.
  8. SAP.
  9. Rackspace.
  10. Workday.


Every cloud computing providing service has its own pros and cons. You need to take a look at those advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing if you want to shift your data there. G-cloud backup is the best app for Android that creates the backup of your data. You can share your cloud computing experience with us in the comment section below.

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