Advanced Google Search Commands, Shortcuts & Parameters

Google is more powerful than anything on the internet. It has the answer of every question that we search. To get the more refine web search, we can use some third-party tools, advanced search commands and advanced search shortcuts. Today, I am going to tell you about the advanced Google search commands, shortcuts and parameters.

Advanced Google Search Commands & Parameters:

You need to use some symbols or words in a search engine to make a refine web search. Here I am talking about the Google because it is the world’s largest search engine with over 75% of shares in the search market. There are many Google search commands or shortcuts that you can learn to improve the quality of your search results. You can also use advanced search parameters to get the better result. Those powerful Google search commands and parameters will not only give you perfect result but it will also save your time.

1) Google Search Commands:

Google search engine is now very advanced and giving us new features from several years. The Google search commands are also one of them; this can help you in getting the exact result you’re looking for quickly and easily. Those Google search commands can help you everywhere, no matter what you are looking for. You should learn some basic Google search commands to make the search engine more efficient. For example if you search for What is love like this “What is love”, then Google will show you the exact result for the phase What is love. From finding a definition of a word to looking for a magazine or book, Google search shortcuts or commands will help you everywhere.  Below are some advanced search commands and shortcuts that you can learn use right now to get perfect results.

Google Shortcut Finds Pages That Have…
Samsung phone the words Samsung and phone
Swimming OR boating either the word swimming or the word boating
“What is love” the exact phrase What is love
printer -printing machine the word printer but NOT the word printing machine
Toy Story +1 movie title including the number 1
~GTA looks up the word GTA and synonyms
define:Command definitions of the word Command
how now * house the words how now House separated by one or more words
+ addition; 978+488
subtraction; 978-986
* multiplication; 978*238
/ division; 978/400
% of percentage; 20% of 100
^ raise to a power; 4^24 (4 to the eighteenth power)
old in new (conversion) 40 celsius in Fahrenheit
site:(search only one website) “torrent sites”
link:(find linked pages)
#…#(search within a number range) Samsung phone Rs2000…RS30000
daterange:(search within specific date range) bosnia daterange:200508-200510
safesearch: (exclude adult content) safesearch:breast cancer
info: (find info about a page)
related: (related pages)
cache: (view cached page)
filetype:(restrict search to specific filetype) zoology filetype:ppt
allintitle: (search for keywords in page title) allintitle:”bike” running
inurl:(restrict search to page URLs) inurl:chewbyya (specific domain search),,, etc.
site:country code (restrict search to country) “rio de Janeiro”
intext:(search for keyword in body text) intext:parlor
allintext: (return pages with all words specified in body text) allintext:north pole
book(search book text) book The Lord of the Rings
phonebook:(find a phone number) phonebook:Google CA
bphonebook: (find business phone numbers) bphonebook:Intel OR
rphonebook:(find residential phone numbers) rphonebook:Joe Smith Seattle WA
movie:(search for showtimes) movie:wallace and gromit 97110
stocks:(get a stock quote) stocks:ncesa
weather:(get local weather) weather:97132

2) Advanced Search Parameters:

Advanced search parameters can also be used to make a search engine more efficient. You can use some extra parameters into your search query to filter and narrow down the set of search results. There are hundreds of advanced search parameters that you can use to filter your results. In advanced search parameters, you can your search by using different indexes such as author, language, material type etc. You can also call the Google search commands as basic search parameters. The best things of search parameters are that you can also be combined them together. Don’t give a space between the search parameters and search term. Below is the list of some advanced search parameters. For example, Using @ in the front of keyword will search for social media. Like if you serach FOr @Zainkhan then it will show the social media results for the name Zain khan.

Advanced search parameters Finds Pages That Have…
@ Using in the front of keyword will search for social media
PK=Country It will search for a specific country like PK for Pakistan
$ in front of number This parameter will find the result of products in the range if this number like Smartphone $400
Search hashtags Write # in the front of word without giving a space
Exclude words from your search Use in the front of a word to kick it out from your results
Search for wildcards or unknown words Put * in your phrase/sentence.
Allintext: Use Allintext: before the keywords and I will search only for that specific keyword Like Allintext:Karachi

You can use those Google search commands and parameters to get the exact result very quickly. You will be amazed to know that Google search commands and parameters are lit behind the features of Yahoo and live search commands when you compare them for flexibility. Start using this shortcuts right now to save your time and efforts.

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