6 Most Popular GIF Maker Apps and Tools

Everyone uses a lot of GIFs while commenting on a website, blogs or social networking sites. These animated and looping photos and videos are impressive that almost everyone who’s ever been on the internet knows about it. You can find numerous GIF maker apps, tools and web-based services to create GIFs using the photos, images and even YouTube videos as well.

In this article, I am going to share some fantastic and best GIF maker apps. You can share your GIFs with your friends using these online GIF maker Apps.

Most Popular Online GIF Maker Apps:

1: Make A GIF


It is the most amazing GIF maker app which allows you to create GIFs from your images, photos and videos. This tool provides you lots of options regarding GIF size, animation speed, add tags and much more. You can create GIFs from the videos between 5 seconds to 20 seconds by creating a free account. The free account of Make A GIF allows you to remove the watermark from your GIFs and can enjoy some other benefits as well.

Make A GIF enable you to create a GIF by using only up to 20 images, but you can extend this limit over 50 images by using Chrome extension. With the help of this extension, you can create GIFs even faster. You can also find massive GIFs offered by users. You can use these GIFs and can add your own as well.

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2. EzGIF:


EzGIF is amongst the best online GIF maker tools. It has a variety of online GIF processing tools for basic editing such as crop, resizes and even splitting and merging the multiple GIFs.

This online tool allows you to create a GIF using extensively good file size and image counts. You can make GIFs by using up to 400 images having a size limit of 30 MB and for the video based animations the size limit extends up to 60 MB. If you need a complete online GIF creation and processes tool, then EzGIF is flawless. You should keep in mind that this tool cannot host images; you need to download your GIFs after completion.

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GIPHY is a database type search engine for GIFs. When it comes to GIFs, GIPHY is at the top. This tool hosts promotional animated GIFs from big brands such as Pepsi, CocaCola and Calvin Klien. It also allows the users to upload their GIFs and animated videos. You can do your search for GIFs on numerous categories like anime, emotions, working, reactions, music and much more. Giphy allows you to make GIFs from user’s uploaded images and also from video sharing websites like YouTube and Dailymotion.

This tool enables you to unlimited images and existing GIFs to make new GIF. You can create the GIFs between 15 seconds long. In short, if you are looking for online GIF maker app, then Giphy is the best tool to try.

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4: GIFs:


GIFs is one of the best GIF maker apps that converts YouTube videos to looping and animated GIFs up to 15 seconds in length. This GIF Maker App allows you to share them on social media sites.

If you convert any YouTube video of your choice to GIF, the only thing you need is its unique URL and identify up to 15-second video portion you want to convert to GIF. You can insert social media links to your GIFs, and they show up as overlays. You don’t need to copy/paste YouTube URLs again and again. In the video’s URL, you just need to add “gif” before the word “youtube”, and rest will be done by Gifs even faster.

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5: GIFdeck:


GifDeck is an online tool that converts “SlideShare slideshows” to GIF. You can find slideshows on SlideShare, which is a fundamental source of slideshows on almost every topic. You just need to put the SlideShow’s particular URL, organize the parameters regarding quality, animation interval and the rest will do the GifDeck. Once the GIF is created, you can download it with just a single click. You can share these slideshows on social networks and can also send via email. GifDeck doesn’t have direct sharing options.

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6: GIF Animator:

GIF animator

Are you looking for a GIF maker apps with lots of configuration features and advanced options for making the GIFs? If yes, then GIF Animator is the best app for it. GIF Animator is only a casual GIF making tool which is used by the professionals for creating the GIFs. It is one of the best GIF maker apps for the desktop which allows you to make GIFs by using both images and videos.

GIF Animator provides you with a lot of advanced options regarding loop count, delay, transparency, compression quality and much more. This app also has a built-in image editor by which you can optimise the GIFs to occupy comparatively less space. GIF Animator allows you to use almost all commonly used images formats (jpg, png, BMP etc.) for source images and to save the generated GIFs as AVI format as well. In short, GIF Animator is much better for professionals to create GIF animations. This tool can be used on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. The price of GIF Animator for the paid license is $ 49.95 but you can use it for free on trial basis only.

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So those are the best available online and desktop based GIF maker apps. You can try any of them to make beautiful GIFs. Feel free to ask any question.

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