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5 Best Tools To Check Internet Speed Online

Almost everyone who has a smartphone or PC/laptop knows about the internet. When we are talking about the matter, speed and bandwidth matter a lot for any of the networks i.e. broadband and mobiles. Internet speed plays a vital role while you are downloading movies or games of your choice in large quantity. Checking internet speed is imperative because it tells you that the service you’re using is good and reliable or not. It just measures the bandwidth of your internet connection to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. There are many free tools available on the web that allows you to check internet speed online.

Best Tools To Check Internet Speed Online:

An internet speed is the most important thing for uploading and downloading stuff on the web. In this article, I am sharing some important and most commonly used online tools to check internet speed for free. You can test download, upload speeds and ping with the help of these tools. These five internet speed testers are perfect even if your internet speed is very slow.

1) is one of the best and most commonly used tools to check internet speed online. This tool uses the fastest server based on the ping. allows you to share the result of your internet on social media with your friends. More than 50 million people checked their internet speed on, and the numbers are increasing still. This internet speed checker tool is own by Ookla, which licenses MegaPath’s underlying engines. They also allow you to create an account on this site and save your speed results and rate the ISP.

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2) Speed.Io: is a simple tool among all the online tools to check Internet Speed online. This tool shows too many details about your internet speed such date, Quality, IP, Browser etc. The only you need to do is to open  Speed.Io and it will start checking your internet speed and other things. It is a modern DSL speed test which analyzes your Internet broadband access. Speed.Io is one of the best and unique tools for checking the internet speed online. It can test the speed of any Internet server, no matter you are using broadband, fibre, 3G, HSPA or 4G.

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3) BrandWidthPlace:

BandWidthplace is a Simple but powerful tool which allows you to check Internet Speed online for free. You can also find your IP and ISP with the help of this tools. What you need to do is open BandWidthplace in your browser and check how fast is your internet is running. This site is working since 2002, and recently they added too many new features to the platform.

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4) iSeedOMeter:

It is another great tool which checks internet speed online and gives you the result in KB/sec format. It also shows you the speed of the Internet in dial-up, ISDN and DSL. This great tool checks your upload and download speeds from within your browser.

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5) Test internet speed:

It’s a Two-in-One tool to check internet speed online. Test Internet Speed tool increases your computer performance as well by removing all the viruses, spyware and malware. So this tool doesn’t only check the performance of your internet but also improve the performance of your PC.

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Do try these tools if you think that your internet speed is not enough. Checking is very important for balancing. These tools show your internet download and upload speed ad MB/s and KB/s. Feel free to ask questions and do share your experiences with us in comments below.

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