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3D Printing Courses and Certification Online

3D printing is a process or technology that we use to create 3 dimensional solid objects from digital files. This technology got pretty much popularity in the past few years. Many people are adopting 3D printing as their profession and making good money through it. There are many things that you can learn in 3D printing. First, you have to decide that what you want to learn, Hardware or you want to create the objects. Today, We will be talking about the best 3d printing certification and 3d printing courses. If you want to learn mobile repairing then take a look at best mobile repairing courses.

3d printing is a proper field for earning. You must have a certificate and learn properly to start it as a profession. There are many online 3d printing courses that can help you in getting the basic of 3d printing and its principles.  Also, many institutes and universities offer 3d printing certification both online and offline.

1. 3D Printing Certification:

3d Printing is also known as additive manufacturing. This technology is using in almost every field of this planet like industry, health, art, construction and education. You do need a proper 3d printing certificate to start it as a profession. Below is the list os some best universities and online portals that offer 3d printing certification.

1) Binghamton University:

It is the university based in new York and well known for 3d printing certification. They offer a 30 minutes group session for 3d printing in which they cover both the hardware and software learning of 3d printing. If you complete this session successfully, then they will reward you with the certificate. This certificate can help you in getting the job at the well-known companies of the world.

The best news about this 3d printing certification is that you will get full access to all the printers of ETS(Emerging Technology Studio) for the lifetime once after getting the certificate. They offer 3d printing certification from Monday to Friday, but they don’t have any online classes. So you have to visit them physically to get that certificate.

Visit their website

2) The ClubHou

Theclunhou is another great portal for 3d printing certification. If you have good skills in 3d printing and want to work online or offline then you do need a certificate You can also learn many ways to create materials and prepare print. They also equip you with the bundle of 3d printing knowledge.

Visit their website.

3) Coursera:

It is a USA based learning portal and a company that also offer 3d printing certification. They have the series of courses and live sessions that can help you in improving your skills and knowledge, so you will be able to turn your ideas into 3d objects. You will get those classes from the top 3d expert of all over the world. They also have experts from the  Illinois MakerLab (world first 3d printing lab) and Autodesk (the world no one 3D software firm). 3d printing certification by Coursera is one of the best certification of all the times.

Visit their website.

4) EIT:

EIT( Engineering Institute of Technology) also offer three months online course with certification. You’ll be able to create 3d models by taking this course. They will also send you the 3d prints of models that you built in learning time. You will also get a chance to participate step by step development if you are in the USA. It is one of the best university that you can choose for 3d printing certification.

Visit website.

5) Proto3000:

You can receive a certificate from them in 3d printing to become a part of this industry right now. They have one of best course regarding 3rd printing. Their mission is to help the people in understanding 3rd manufacturing and prototyping. They will also teach you the use of different software and technology.

Visit their website.

2. 3D Printing Courses:

There are courses available on the internet now almost for everything. There is no doubt that 3d printing is getting more and more popularity. So there are also many 3d printing courses available on the internet that can help you in many matters like how to use it, how to design a model for it and much more. We have created a list some best 3d printing courses that are available on the internet right now. Let’s take a look at them!

1) 3d Print:

This course is created by a university in Texas that you can buy to learn the advanced level of 3d printing. This course is based on the different angles of 3rd printing and manufacturing. They also identified the pros and cons of investing in 3d printing technology.

Visit website.

2) Alison:

It is totally free and one of the best 3d printing courses available on the web. This course is based on the introduction of basics of 3d printing. You will get a step by step guide from this course to setup and use a 3d printer. It is almost covering all the relevant topics that can help you in using 3d technology. It is the best course for beginners who want to learn 3d printing.

Visit website.

 3) 3d Printing Basics:

Udemy is the world largest platform for selling online courses. 3d printing basics are one of those courses that are available on Udemy. From this course, you can learn everything about 3d printing. This course has a brief guide on how to draw 3d printing and how it works. It covers all the initial levels from the starters.  It is free for limited time.

Visit this course.

4) SkillShare:

Another excellent course to learn 3d printing. This course will guide you to create your first 3d model on the computer. This course also includes the lectures about final 3d models that comes with a printer. By taking this course, you’ll be able to create print ready 3d models on free tools. It is one of the excellent 3d printed courses for beginners.

Take this course.

5) Lynda:

Lynda is another big platform of free and paid courses. There is a course available on that platform for 3d printing named ” Rapid prototyping for product design”.  This advanced level course will show you everything with perfect examples. Rapid prototyping for product design will take you to every single step that expert use in 3rd printing.

Take this course.

You’ve learned the 3d printing and now you are an expert. But what to do if your 3d printer stop working?. Below is the list of some 3D Printer repairing online courses that you can pick to solve hardware problems.

  1. Express Group.
  2. Course by Shapeways.
  3. Sculpteo.

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