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15 Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks For You

Google is the world’s largest search engine and we use it on a daily basis for online research. I personally use it several times a day and it is making my internet life easier than ever. It is the best place to find what you are looking for. Learning how to use Google search efficiently can enhance your productivity instantaneously. There are plenty of Google search tips and tricks that you should learn right now to boost our productivity.

15 Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks:

Almost everyone on the internet is using Google search like students use it for study, webmasters use it for research, business people use it for boosting sales and individuals like us use it for entertainment. In this article, I will discuss 15 best Goggle search tips and tricks that will develop the superiority of your online life.

1. Discovering Local Time for Any City in the World:

If you are willing to know current local time of a particular city then you can go it quickly with the help of Google search. Follow the simple below step to see the current local time in Islamabad. You can find the time of any local city from all over the world.

Syntax: time in PLACE
time Los Angeles

2. Eliminate Keywords During Search:

Do you know that you can ask the Google to exclude/remove a word that you don’t want to be included in your search while searching a web page by using Google? Yes, you can, For this, use – (minus) before the search.You can see the example by clicking on the below link. This model search is for the pages which have the word e-books and without the word free. This is one of the coolest Google search tips and tricks that I ever saw.

ebooks -free

3. Searching Keywords with Similar Meanings Including Synonym in Search:

Google allow you to find the meaning of keywords too. While exploring the meanings of a word, you can instruct the Google to look for the web pages having exact meanings of the provided word and synonyms as well. Like if you search for “tutorials” it will also show the result for keywords similar to tutorials like “Guide” Follow this example for this purpose. It is one of the best Google search tips that students should learn now to get better results.

nagios ~tutorial


debian installation ~tutorial

4. Match Single Word in the Search:

You can request Google to match the single word using * during the search if you are not sure about which keyword to be placed in the phrase. Suppose you are searching for the examples of vim substitution, but you are not sure whether to search for “vim editor find and replace examples” or “vim editor search and replace examples”. In this situation, you can use *. You can also match multiple words by using the multiple numbers of *’s respectively. An example is given below.

vim editor * and replace examples

5. Use of OR in Google Search:

Use “OR” operator between the words and Google will do a search for multiple keywords. The following example will search for bash examples or bash programs. The keyword OR between the two words should be in uppercase letters. This Google search trick can help you exactly whar you are searching for.

bash examples OR programs

6. Searching Definition of a Word:

Normally, we do a lot of research on the internet like searching dictionaries to find the definition of words but now you don’t need to do it anymore. Because now I am going to share one of the best Google search tips that can help you in finding the definitions of words very quickly and easily. Use the below method to view the definition of a word.

Syntax: define: <word>

define: tech savvy

7. Search for a Range:

If you are looking to buy a product from online shops but confuse about the pricing range, then this Google search trick can help you. What you need to do is open the Google type the product you want to buy, give the space, type the minimum price, Now put ..(2 dots without space) and enter the maximum price. For example, you are looking to buy a mobile so that It will search for the pages with text mobile, and $400 to $450 ranged text.

Syntax: text $100..$125

Mobile $400..$450

8. Mathematical Calculations:

Now you don’t need to find an online calculator or conversion websites because Google search can also be your smart calculator. As a student, I used this trick a lot to solve my mathematical problems and I am still using it. Follow the below example to learn how to do this.


 9. Unit Conversion using Google:

Usually, we use online conversion websites or software for doing the metric conversions. However we can make these conversions just by using Google search box such as unit conversions and money conversions as explained below. The below example will show the equivalent pounds for one kg.

kg in pound

10. Use Google Search Box as Your Money Converter:

Google search box can also be used as Money converter, such as to convert US Dollars to Euros (or) US Dollars in Rupees.

USD in Euro



11. Limiting Your Search within a Specific Website:

If you to search something in a specific website, you can ask Google to make a constrained search. This example shows how to search within our blog – Keep in mind there is no space between site: and the website address.


12. Google Search for a Given Keywords, both without and with the sequence:

Searching a Keywords – Without Sequence
This is a very basic feature of Google that every person uses for searching pages which has the given text as:

Linux command line history examples

Basic Search In a Given Sequence:
If you want Google to show only the pages with the words in the given sequence, use the double quote as follows:

“guide to install php5 from source.”

13. Make a Search Based on File Type:

One of the coolest Facebook tips and tricks is searching a File. Follow the below example if you want to do a search for a particular type of files such as MS Word, MS Excel, pdf or any other file types.

linux introduction filetype:ppt

14. Google Advanced Search Page:

If you are unable to remember any of the above mentioned advanced Google search tips, you can use the Google Advanced search page.

Visit Google advanced search page

15. Check Weather of Any City in the World Using Google:

The last search engine trick I am going to share is how to check the weather of any city in the world using Google search. Use the following syntax to search the current weather of any city worldwide.

Syntax: weather PLACE

weather Islamabad


Google is not only the world’s largest search engine but it is also the most powerful. You can find anything and do everything that you wished to do by using the above Google search tips and tricks. Do you know about some more Tips and tricks about Google search?

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