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10 All Times Best Qmobile Games Free Download

Qmobile is one of the most popular smartphone companies in Pakistan with millions of users. People here prefer to buy the Qmobile smartphones because they are cheap in price and good in standard. Just like the Nokia, Qmobile smartphones/tablets also comes with their own games, software and PC Suite. These games/apps are specially designed for Qmobile and available on Play store. Qmobile doesn’t support all the games available on play store. So you may face some difficulties while searching for the Qmobile games. That’s why I decided to make a post on Qmobile games. Today, I will be sharing the top ten best Qmobile Games of all times with you.

Best Qmobile Games:

I see many of people searching and downloading Qmobile games but their smartphones don’t support them. Most of the Qmobiles are light and doesn’t have strong GPU to support high graphic games. After a lot of research, I created the list of top 10 Qmobile games which support all of their devices and you can play them smoothly.

1. Real Racing 3:

Real Racing 3With over 200 million downloads, Real Racing 3 game is the no 1 racing games in more than 100 countries. It is 1.5 GB high-end and graphics games but has support for all the Qmobile devices. The game is based in 17 different locations in the world and 39 tracks. More than 140 vehicles are added to Real Racing 3 game including Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mercedes. You can also compete in 4000 plus different competition to unlock new cards and opportunities. So if you are a Qmobile user and looking for a car racing game then Real Racing 3 should be your first choice.

Download it now.

2. Subway Surfers:

Subway SurfersOne of the best and time killing Qmobile games I ever played is Subway Surfers. In this game, You have to dash your game character as fast as you can and save it from trains. You can also challenge your friends and compete with them to kill the time more nicely. It is basically an attention keeping game. You have to keep your eye on your Qmobile screen until you close the game. In Subway Surfers, you have to do everything with swiping your smartphone’s screen. This game is downloaded by over 500 million Android users worldwide with the rating of 4.5.

Download it for your Qmobile right now.

3. Temple Run:

Temple RunTemple Run is another swiping game which is comfortable for your Android devices. In this game, you have to escape your life from evil monkies using your heels. You have to swipe the smartphone’s screen if you want to turn, jump and slide to be safe from things in your way. By completing the mission, you will earn coins and unlock the new characters with more powerful features. It is one of the best Qmobile games and downloaded by over 100 million Android users.

Download it for free.

4. Angry Birds Star War:

Angry Birds Star WarsAngry Birds Star War is now becoming the toys of our kids. Is it not enough to understand that how much Angry Bird is popular? In Angry Birds Star War, you have to unlock and select the variety of angry birds characters and shoot the evil imperial pigs in the epic locations. The game is consist of 200 levels, so it can help you in passing a lot of your free time. Keep playing the game and unlocking the new birds with new features. Download it right now for your Qmobile.

Download it for free.

5. Racing Moto:

Racing MotoYet another, one of the best Qmobile games for racing lovers. You have to tilt the screen of your smartphone to control the direction of the bike and tap the screen to speed up and speed down the bike. You can also participate in the racing competitions to win high scores and unlock new bikes. This game is downloaded by over 50 million Android users at the moment. Racing Moto contains a variety of tracks and bikes that you can unlock easily.

Download it right now.

6. Drag Racing:

Drag RacingDrag Racing is another astonishingly addictive cars game which is comfortable for all the Qmobile devices. This Android game come with more than 50 cars. However, you can modify and buy the gadgets for your cars to reach the level you want. You can play one on one racing challenge with your social friends and also compete in the 10 men racing pro league to unlock new opportunities. This game is downloaded by over 100 million people from all over the world with the positive rating of 4.4.

Download it right now.

7. Frisbee(R) Forever:

Frisbee(R) ForeverInitially, this game was paid but now it is available free for the Android users. The game is consist of 100 tracks and you have to twist and turn the Frisbees to get the rings. Frisbees(R) Forever is a fast speed game with 3d graphics. The tracks contain California theme park, mountains, forests, Caribbean oceans and wonderland. It is one of the coolest Qmobile games I am playing from past 1 year.

Download it now.

8. Agent Dash:

Agent DashAgent Dash is just like the Subway Surfers but with different styles and locations. The developer of this game has added massive updates to the game in 2016. Agent Dash game is based on screen swiping and tap. The video resolution of Agent Dash game is full HD and it includes too many new characters and drones too. You can also play it with your friends to unlock the new characters and perks.

Download it right now.

9. Zombie Dash:

Zombie DashIt is a best Zombies game which is comfortable for All the Qmobile smartphones. In this game, your entire town will be occupied by dead zombies and you have to escape from the town facing all the challenges. Also, you need to kill those zombies and explode them with your special weapons. This game includes 4 different venues from the world with unlimited adventures. The game is available in two modes, classic mode and boss mode.

Download it now.

10. Cricket T20 Fever 3D:

Cricket T20 Fever 3DIf you are a Qmobile user and cricket lover then Cricket T20 Fever 3D game is best for you. This game is completely based on realistic with 3d graphics and MOCAP animations. The play controls for batting and bowling in Cricket T20 Fever 3D is extremely simple and easy to use. This game contains 7 stunning cricket ground including Eden garden. The cameras styles of this game are same as the TV broadcast style.

Download it now. 

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